Yaya Diarra

Nationality: Malian

University: Institut Polytechnique Rural de Formation et de Recherche Appliquée (IPR/IFRA)

Research Area: Science and Technology (Amenagement Hydro Agricole)

Research Topic: Realization of modern irrigation systems in the vegetable garden of IPR / IFRA of Katibougou

Which activities have you participated in as part of the RARSUS project?

Our activity, led within the RARSUS project, consisted of making the following technical studies: the survey topography, the survey pedology, the meteorological survey, evaluation of need in water, study for the installation of the network drips to drop and aspersion to permit to reach the objectives here under:

  • Main objective is to design the plan of a modern irrigation for vegetable crops in the vegetable garden (IPR/IFRA of Katibougou)

Specific objectives:

  • Develop a topographic plan
  • Identify plots of sprinkling and drips
  • Determine the location and volume of water in a water storage tank equipped with a pressure pump
  • Perform network calculations of the systems and the storage basin in order to present a quantitative and qualitative estimate

What is your role within the project? What outcomes are you responsible for?

My main role in the setting of this project is to make the studies on the realization of modern irrigation system in the vegetable garden of the IPR/IFRA of Katibougou and to provide the results gotten for every led survey. I would be also person responsible of every well stocked result.

Tell us about the research you are going to conduct: 

Our research are always oriented in the domain of agriculture in accordance with what the theme recommends precisely on the systems of modern irrigation (drop to drop and aspersion), for their good facilities exploitation and gestion.je would wish to lead a very advanced research also on the realization of modern irrigation system (drop to drop and aspersion) in several regions in Mali in order to increase the output of the agricultural production.

What are the personal achievements or successes you’ve had so far?

The personal exploits or successes that I had in this project are that it allowed me access to a lot of technical documentation on the systems of modern irrigation (drop to drop and aspersion). Success would be that the project reinforced my operational knowledge of the land in relation to the studies technique that it is necessary before installing a modern irrigation system (drop to drop and aspersion). Another success was also that it allowed me to put into practice my technical expertise and to refocus my mind on analysis in relation to the different studies of modern irrigation systems, most notably drop drips and aspersion.

The RARSUS project for me is…

…an asset because it allowed me to transfer (in a technical way) my theoretical knowledge into practical application. It also allowed me to have the mind of a researcher and to undertake a very elevated study that permitted the validation of the results of every technical study for the better realization of modern irrigation systems.

Yaya Diarra
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