Progress Updates

Story from the field – project meeting in Niamey, March 2018 (ZEF) –

Bernhard Tischbein, John Lamers, Navneet Kumar and Sarah Verleysdonk (all members of ZEF) travelled to Niamey/Niger at the end of March within the frame of the RARSUS project. During our stay, we visited study sites in and around Niamey, collected primary and secondary data and took part in meetings with locally based organizations regarding data […]

Story from the field – Niamey research stay Khalid Mehmood’s story (ITT) –

The visit was planned in accordance with the project aims of research exchange to the partner university in Niger. The main purpose of this visit was to know the local environment to improve the adapted work methodology taking into account the local limitations of data accessibility and related issues. Further, to make discussions with local […]

Story from the field – Research visit in Niamey – Vittorio Sessa’s story (ITT) –

April 2017 – June 2017 I went to Niger to continue with the research work for my master thesis. The objective was to collect the data needed to develop a decentralized renewable energy system for a village with no electricity for the basic needs. As part of adapted research methodology the electricity supply situation in […]

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