ITT leads several activities within the research component of the project including the general project management and research coordination as well as research activities regarding risk assessment for urban supply systems. ITT is also leading the research aggregation and implementation and within the Capacity Building component, ITT leads activities regarding the support for mobility of staff and master as well as PhD students.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ramchandra Bhandari
Phone: 0049 (0) 221 8275 2416


ZEF is leading activities within the research component of the project with regard to the topic of risk mitigation and adaptation strategies for sustainable urban supply.

Contact: Dr. Bernhard Tischbein
Phone: 0049 (0) 228 73 1793


UNU-EHS in the consortium is responsible for the design and development of eLearning courses based on results outcomes of the project, design and development of eLearning infrastructure to support communication and capacity building activities and online based capacity building and training programs.

Contact: Dr. Erick Tambo
Phone: 0049 (0) 228 815 0259


PAUWES is contributing to activities within both, the Capacity Building and the Research component.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Abdellatif Zerga

Abdou Moumouni University

AMU is leading activities regarding the identification and mapping of key supply chains as well as the curriculum harmonization and development.

Contact: Prof. Dr. R. Adamou

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