Ibrahima Diarra

Nationality: Malian

University: Institut Polytechnique Rural de Formation et de Recherche Appliquée (IPR/IFRA)

Research Topic: Evaluation of the adequacy for the expansion of irrigation on a small scale.

Which activities have you participated in as part of the RARSUS project?

  • Social and economic studies through surveys.
  • The topographical study from delimitation carried out by a GPS device and z tape measure and the processing of data from software (Covadis and Autocad).
  • Soil study (infiltration test and texture). 
  • Inventories of different irrigation systems and the nature of water sources and their characteristics.
  • Estimation of the yield of the different crops according to the nature of the soils.

What is your role within the project?

My role in the project is to gather information and research results that are in line with the project’s goals.

What outcomes are you responsible for?

The results we are responsible for are:

  • to provide actual data with approximate values.
  • to provide clear and in-depth information.
  • to submit a document that can be used as a reference to project or object for the development of a doctoral thesis project for the student.

The RARSUS project for me is:

  • valuable because it has some principals that make it very good project for me as a Master student.
  • valuable because the scientific research is supported by research funds for me as a Master student.
  • valuable because all good research results are related to an in-depth monitoring and controlled by choice of methodology.
Ibrahima Diarra
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