Bourama Camara

Nationality: Malian

University: Institut Polytechnique Rural de Formation et de Recherche Appliquée (IPR/IFRA)

Research topic: Agriculture-livestock integration through the practice of agroforestry gliricidia sepium case in the urban district of Koulikoro.

What activities did you participate in the RARSUS project?

With the RARSUS project I am doing an end of cycle internship for the writing of my Master’s thesis in agroforestry and natural resource management.

What is your role in the project?  What results are you responsible for?

 My role in the project is to collect the research data to be conducted. At the end, I am responsible for providing a scientific document that answers the needs of the rural world.

Tell us about the research you are going to conduct:

  • Determine the rate of decomposition of gliricidia sepium;
  • Determine the effect of the growing system on the soil moisture content;
  • Make farmers less subject to chemical fertilizers;
  • Highlight the contribution of the integrated agriculture-livestock system to increasing production and productivity;
  • Regularly supply the pastoralists with woody forage qualitatively and quantitatively.

What personal successes have you had so far?

I have had good progress as part of the cultural activities with a perfect lifting of the plants. Also, the physiognomy of the plants at present shows us a variability in the treatments. Finally, data collection on biometric measurements is underway.

The RARSUS project for me is…

The RARSUS project for me is a support for us students to contribute to the sustainable development of our country.

Bourama Camara
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