University: ‘‘United Nations University, Bonn, Germany’’.

Research area: Niamey

Country: Niger

Tell us about the experience.

Which activities have you participated within the RARSUS project?

I am doing my master thesis field research work with the RARSUS project framework. It has been a great experience so far. This project has given me that great opportunity to experience practical field research work and has exposed me to a great deal of ideas in the field of research especially in data collection methods. It has exposed me to working independently and be able to organize my research work time frame. This project has given me the unique opportunity to witness practical difficulties researchers face in the field. Also, it has contributed to my understanding of the reality and severity of climate change on the lives of people especially as food security is concerned in sub-Sahara Africa.

What is your research topic?

‘‘Food Security in the context of Rapid Urban growth in Niamey, Niger.”

Tell us about the research you are doing.

It involves field studies to gather vital information in the market and household about food security taking into account some of the risks which arise from rapid urban growth. This research involves using open ended interviews as well as household survey questionnaires to investigate food security issues in the city of Niamey as well as validate the applicability of the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS) in the city of Niamey. My study area is the five different districts in the city of Niamey. Open ended interviews are conducted with producers (farmers), wholesalers and retailers in the markets. This enables me understand the chain of provision of food in the city markets of Niamey. Also, secondary data are being collected from various NGOs and ministries dealing with my research topic to enable understand the reality situation in the field. Added to above mentioned method used in carrying out this research, ArcGIS tools are used in creating various maps to understand the study area as well as the others maps explaining the urban revolution changes that have occurred in the city of Niamey.

What are the achievement you have made so far within the project?

  • Contributing to the development of e-learning materials.
  • Also, I want to adapt the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS) as a valid tool in measuring food access in the city of Niamey.
  • Again, I am working on articles which I will like to publish in the RARSUS project framework.

RARSUS project for me is………………….

a project framework to self-build your research abilities and data collection skills. The ability to work independently in the field within a specific timeframe. It will enable me to have first-hand practical experience in the field of climate change adaptation and related topics associated to it. It is also an opportunity to meet experts in the field of climate change adaptation and have the opportunity to exchange your ideas with them.

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