Ngoe Nzume


University: ‘‘Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey, UAM’’.

Research area: Urban environmental management

Country: Niger

Tell us about the experience.

Which activities have you participated within the RARSUS project?

It has been a great experience for me learning and knowing new culture, adapting to the weather condition and above all networking. I wish I will have such an opportunity again some time future.


What is your role within the project? What outcomes are you responsible for?

A master research student.


What is your research topic?

Urban environmental management: an assessment of water resource use and sustainability in Niamey, Niger


Tell us about the research you are going to attend

I am currently undergoing a research in Niamey, Niger to investigate the level of urban environmental management in the context of access to basic urban facilities like water availability. The concept of urban environmental management is not yet in its full potential in Niamey. Provision of basic facilities remains questionable and the population/resource equation is still on a balance. With the problems of climate change in rural Niger, that has continuously forced the population into Niamey.  The city has been on an increasing rate of urbanization. This high urbanization rate has not been commensurate to the provision of basic facilities like water supply, housing, land use planning, health care and sanitation.

Hence, my research here is to;

  1. Investigate the state of urban environmental management in Niamey
  2. Examine the relationship between existing urban environmental management plan and water provision to residents in Niamey
  3. Assess the challenge of climate change on the sustainability of water resource provision in Niamey


Donkeys are commonly used for transportation of goods in Niamey. Here is a picture of Hassan and Ali transporting water for domestic use. Mamadou fetching water to supply those building houses. He is being paid for this service. For a distance close to a kilometer, he goes more than 10 -12 times a day. 


RARSUS project for me is………………….

very interesting in the context of capacity building in its various fields of intervention. Personally the project contribute to the attack of the objectives of my Master Thesis Research

The project RARSUS has contribute to the good progress my Master Thesis Research personally.

Example: consistent, financially, tool……… And through the project I had the experiment concerning research.


Ngoe Nzume
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