RARSUS International Online Summer School

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The RARSUS International Online Summer School was held from 7th – 18th October. It was preceded by a call for applications shared with project partners at the beginning of August and circulated within their respective institutions. Of the 110 students who applied to the summer school, 93 were accepted. The 2 week event was studied by postgraduate students located in Germany and Sub-Saharan Africa (Niger, Mali and Algeria), with input and supervision from experts in water and energy management at higher education institutions, internal/external project partners and other UN organisations.

The online summer school combined self-paced e-learning modules with live webinars featuring project partners as well as experts from other UNU institutes (UNU-FLORES, UNU-INWEH, and UNU-GTP) and external organisations such as UN Habitat, WASCAL, CSIR, Penn State University, IRENA, among others. The RARSUS Online Summer School embedded reflective exercises and group work as part of the requirement to attain a certificate of participation.

The RARSUS e-learning courses remain available to all project partners and anyone interested in accessing the educational resources via the link below:

RARSUS International Online Summer School
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